With another wedding and events season supposedly coming to a close, you may be surprised when we say here a Weatherfield’s we are as busy as ever and this winter looking to be one of our busiest yet.

You can still hold a marquee wedding or event during the winter and spring months with a little more planning and thought, but we can overcome most things during this colder period.

Consideration for site access and parking are things to keep in mind along with additional lighting to pathways, guest entrances, and parking areas plus feature lighting to trees, ponds, home or venue are all things we can help with at the planning stage.

Heating is one item always to include and this will make a welcome addition to any marquee or barn, with a single indirect heater providing up to 170,000 btu’s of heat which equates to warm and toasty.

"We try to cover all eventualities to make your day run smoothly"

A further item we can offer to help keep you a little warmer would be by way of a full wood floor, thus raising you off the ground so that your feet are not in direct contact with cold, water logged or frozen lawns.

Linings are always a good insulator and help to retain some of that all important heat as well as giving a touch of elegance to the proceedings.

Outside you may wish to consider coir matting for pathways to help prevent your guest’s shoes from getting wet or muddy from dew soaked lawns, whilst also saving the heels of your ladies shoes.

We can also plan contingency measures should the weather turn for the worse and have further cover on standby right up until the day should it be required. We try to cover all eventualities to make your day run smoothly.

Another thing to think about to help reduce the stresses of planning your wedding or event is the help, knowledge and support of a planner, we are always happy to recommend.  You will find that there is one available at most venues where we are approved suppliers. This is a service that can be tailored to your needs and requirements as well as providing on the day support.

Don’t forget a marquee is not just for weddings or parties, there are a number of other purposes these can be used for. Marquees can be used for extensions to a restaurants or cafe for the month of December to increase your space and dining area to help with that Christmas rush and boost income, Something simple for cover, to hold you local Christmas craft market or fair or additional room for a bar or dance area at your local to get more people in for a new years eve party, the list goes on. Check out some of our past marquee projects here.

If you wish to talk through your ideas or possibilities on what we can offer and to get an idea of cost then please contact the office on 01953 885151 or email enquiries@weatherfield –marquees.co.uk.

We can always offer a solution, ideas and most of all helpfully advice.