As the 2022 Summer Season draws to an end, Weatherfield Marquees Ltd can reflect on what has been a positive and productive summer, supporting a variety of events across Norfolk.

Without giving the team too much of a pat on the back, this season has been one of our busiest yet and after two years without doing what we do best, it has been a pleasure to return to providing our services and reconnecting with our range of clients.

Ensuring our customers events run smoothly is our utmost priority; we understand the differences in their needs for every event and guarantee these are catered for. Our clients have ranged from large scale corporate events, to small intimate Weddings, and fortunately less so, but not excluding, wakes and funeral services. During this year we have connected with new clients, and of course met many familiar faces, with an understanding that no two events are the same, and this season we have felt that all our customers have been heard in their requirements.


The support of these events all starts with a visit to the site, where our specialists can understand which Marquee is appropriate in terms of function, size and aesthetic, and can best reflects the desires of the customer. Once the booking is confirmed, this is passed over to our operations manager to prepare for the day of the build. This season, the team has been adaptable to a range of needs; from putting a Roder style Marquee on an elevated stage at Walsingham Christian Pilgrimage, to a circular Traditional Marquee for a client’s summer party.


As the season set off, and the weather began to brighten, we started with many weddings of those unable to celebrate surrounded by their loved ones previously, due to the pandemic. Typically opting for one of our (40 x 80ft) Traditional Marquees, usually coupled with either a band-annex, catering tent, or sometimes both. This set up was highly in demand during the season, especially for weddings, not only for its regal aesthetic, but as it has a high capacity and ease of access to open walls and windows, allowing guests a much-needed quick escape from the dance floor to fresh air. An example of this was during May at Sennowe Park, a historic venue that requires additional caution with the landscape and architecture. The team did a fantastic job erecting this set-up and were happy to see the photos of it in all its glory at night-time, especially as it was lined with Star-Cloth, a black lining with built in lights, bringing the glittering effect of the night sky into the marquee, and adding to what already looked like a magical night. Furthermore, this Marquee was equipped with a full wood floor, allowing the ground to be level, which is better suited for furniture, such as our bars and sofas.

"King Charles even spent time in the Roder at Sandringham Flower Show, and we’d be lying if we said we didn’t bring the best carpet we had when we heard of his attendance."

As much as we appreciate the beauty of a Traditional Marquee, Roder and Pagoda Marquees have been in high demand across the season too, these being a steel frame in opposed to multiple main poles. This style may be suggested by a specialist if the customer is more cautious of space, due to the lack of ropes needed, or for a preference on the style, as there are no main poles through the centre. For instance, during the season the square Pagoda style Marquee was required by a client by their poolside, creating a secluded area away from the main marquee that was lit with colours and protected from any rain. A favourite site from the team this season has been a small Roder erected in Wells Next the Sea, not only were the clients lovely, but the opportunity for fish and chips at one of the sea front restaurants did not go a miss.

Furthermore, Frame Marquees and Pagodas are by no means a second best; the team erected two of the largest Marquees of the season at Sandringham Flower Show, and a wedding at Holkham Hall. Once complete with lights and lining, these Marquees looked like a grand hall, with a huge capacity and versatility for many uses. The newly appointed King Charles even spent time in our frame at Sandringham Flower Show, and we’d be lying if we said we didn’t bring only the best (new) carpet we had when we heard of his attendance again at this year’s show.


The team has certainly not shied away from any challenges this season, whilst the majority of jobs have consisted of one to three Marquees required, events like the Wayland Show and Aylsham Show, have required up to twenty two, including a large range of styles, from small ‘no-walls’ Pagodas as a sunshade, to a 200ft Traditional style VIP tent. All of which erected with equal care. The drone images of the array of our marquee styles at these shows can be found on our Facebook page. On jobs like these, it would be expected to leave evidence of our presence after taking them down, but this season, we’ve been fortunate to receive praise on our discretion and care to ensure everything we bring on site comes back with us.

Overall, the satisfaction of receiving photos, feedback and seeing our customers enjoying the events we support is all the appreciation we need; but we thank all our customers across the 2022 summer season for their ongoing support to our team, whether new or repeat, for the friendly interactions and of course, lots of teas and coffees. This season we have been very lucky with the beautiful weather, the clients we’ve had, and our team; we look forward to doing it allagain next year.


If you have a wedding, celebration, anniversary, birthday or just an excuse to party then please send us an enquiry here or call us on 01953 885151 for a quotation.